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Because it's also yours.


Standard CVs are ugly, ineffective and outdated. PubliCV is the new standard for digital CVs. You will be guided to create yours, download its PDF version, or send it via a public link.
Rather than being left in the drawer of some kind of agencies with your permission, your CV will be public. Just like ours: Duccio, Vishal, Anuj. So that hiring companies can find us directly, without any middlemen.
We put you first. Your public CV, or "publiCV", will be live as a real website, at: your-name.publicv.organd this will be your professional homepage.
PubliCV goes straight to the point: you’re not here to make new friends, connect with people, build your network, being monitored by your HR, nor to tweet like a bird… You’re here to find a job and get paid for it.
Value your time by being contacted only by Companies that are willing to show real interest and even pay to contact you.


Access immediately a searchable database of candidates to hire, when you need to cover vacancies.
Cut the middlemen out: contact directly the candidates you like.
Hire directly the people you choose.
We’ll stay out of any agreement between you and your candidate.
We will not profit from their wages.
Save time and money because you pay only if you need to contact several candidates for the same job at the same time. Contacting an individual candidate at a time is free.
Please note that during this crisis this service will be completely free.
Avoid the time-wasters: we’ll go great lengths to keep CVs up to date. If the CV is here it is highly likely that the person behind is genuinely interested in a job.


Discover how/why publiCV is also yours and what it can do for you.
PubliCV went live on May the 1st, on the International Workers' Day of 2020, for a good reason 😉

The difference with other platforms is that on publiCV you actually own all your data and even the code associated with you. This is why publiCV is also yours. See our legal license that grants you these rights in both simplified and extended versions.

Even better: take part in the project, if you want, you are already part of the team.
Facing COVID-19 together.
PubliCV will be free during this crisis. Then, it will stay forever free for jobseekers.
B-Corp with a simple business model
Later, it will become a B-Corp with a simple business model: contacting one candidate at a time, taking the time into writing a message to them, will be always free. However, contacting more than one candidate at the same time will then have a reasonable cost. This will also serve the purpose to protect them from spam.
No Tracking
We do not employ any tracking technology. All we know about you is what you included in your publiCV. You can delete it at any time.
Open Source
Most of the code is and will stay open.
See the repository: