Paolo Altamura

Born on 16. January, 1972
Pescara, Abruzzo, Italia
Paolo A. headshot
Professional Goals

I am well organized, highly motivated team player with the ability to work independently when required. A proactive focused and committed professional, with extensive expertise gained within the leisure/hospitality sector. An accomplished time manager, organizer, and change manager, capable of conceptualizing, introducing, and integrating innovative strategies, streamlining resources to maximize performance and quality standards to ensure the ongoing provision of the highest standards of customer care. My energetic and keen approach enables me to grasp new ideas and techniques quickly. Having the ability to communicate coherently, means that I can adapt swiftly and comfortably to any situation. A well-presented, confident and articulate communicator and negotiator at all levels, who commands respect and credibility through the projection of a professional image

Hotel Manager
Viking RMD
in Basilea, Basilea Città, Svizzera

November 2019 - Present

Core Competencies:

Campus Training February 2020 in Wien - SST Management in March in Wien HM Main Responsibility: - River Hotel Operational with 95 rooms and 62 staff – ( 2 Explore Suits, 7 Veranda Suites, 39 full-size verandas, 25 standard rooms) - In charge of the entire Hotel Operation. - In charge of all Purchasing Logistics and executions of them. - Accountable in regards to the Budget Performance when it comes to all Food/Beverage and Consumable Budgets - 1 Restaurant, 1 Buffet, and 2 bars - Aquavit Terrace, Sun deck, Walking Tracks - Organic Herbs Garden Achievements: Training all staff regarding quality services and efficiency towards our guests. Training all relevant key hotel position including management operational services: Good support from the L&D Department at all time thru E-Learning Courses
Human Resource Director
Costa Crociere
in Shanghai, Cina

November 2017 - August 2019

Core Competencies:

- Crew Consulting Hours (Any issue related to personal and/or social leaving onboard) - HR Crew Complain Logs (Review and deal with each problem) - Attend all written disciplinary hearings on board and be informed of any counseling situations, resignations, or emergency leaves. - Attend Shipboard Hotel Ops Meeting and Captain’s meetings (Shipboard Senior Management Meeting), thereby bringing up issues, ideas, and recommendations for further improvement including Guest Delights Program. - Welfare Programs and E-Learnings Teaching Platform. (Languages and Services), including monthly Welfare meeting, Food Committee Meeting - Training all staff regarding quality services and efficiency towards our guests. Training all relevant key hotel position including management operational services: - Ship’s Command Training (Hospitality Quality Services and Leadership Management)
Training and Development Manager
MSC Cruises
in Sorrento, Campania, 80067, Italia

December 2010 - August 2017

Core Competencies:

Msc Poesia - Msc Magnifica - Msc Opera - Msc Sinfonia - Msc Armonia - Msc Lirica - Msc Orchestra, - Msc Splendida - Msc Sinfonia - Msc Musica Achievements: Fleet Wide Services: - 1 Msc Geneva & Msc CTD –Master of Excellence – Phase 2 Coaching Trainer Fleet Wide Project - 2 Msc Geneva & CTD - Project LRA – TouchPoint Management Fleet Wide Project
FPB Bihor Institute
Degree: Diploma

1999 - 2000


Hotel Management Topics & Office Administration, Accounting & Inventories Accountable Management in Tourism - Strategy of Marketing with Foreign Agency
South Shield Tyneside College
Degree: Laura Br

1995 - 1998


England Insitute Period - Technology, Automation, and Propulsion Maritime Structure Management and Professional Organization Skills
Istituto Industriale Ferraris
Degree: Diploma

1985 - 1990


AMBRA Project - Informatica e Tecnologia Avanzata a livello Universitario Programma Governativo Roma

A2 - Elementary


A2 - Elementary


A1 - Beginner


B1 - Intermediate


B2 - Upper intermediate


C1 - Advanced


C2 - Proficiency

Work skills

Leadership, HR Management, T&D Management, Logistic Management, Inventory Controller, F&B Manager, Crew Administrator, Hotel Management